So I recently had my dungeon flood - yeah, the whole first floor, it was a pain - and suddenly it was like there were walking mushroom beasts and giant gelatinous oozes everywhere! I hired a party of low-level adventurers to clear it, and they ran off with some of the gold coins I like to keep in my chests down there. Unbelievable! And they didn't even finish the job: I found this nest of baby slimes under a crate the other day. But they seem pretty cute and harmless, so if you'd take them off my hands, maybe I can make up for some of the coin those lousy adventurers stole...

Due to the fact that I can't even tell them apart reliably enough to give you a specific one, these guys are randomly distributed - buy a slime, get one of the slimes I have on hand!

Cone 6 glazed stoneware.

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